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Testing productThe production cycle which Bosio U-bolts undergo contributes to guaranteeing greater operative reliability in conditions of extreme loads. Compressed winding bending (an exclusive Bosio system) makes the U-bolt more resistant to torsional stress and shearing stress.
The extrusion and rolling of the thread after hardening and tempering contribute to increasing its endurance strength and therefore its life-time. It also allows the trucks on which it is applied to easily support all the stresses not contemplated in normal operative conditions. Last but not least, it is possible to use, stresses being equal, U-bolts with a very small curve radius, a solution that also allows reducing the weight and height of the load platform of the truck on which it is used.
Most spring bands are considered "safety parts", i.e. parts which guarantee the safety of the trucks on which they are fitted as well as the safety of persons using the trucks. Therefore, the spring bands produced by Bosio are subjected to stringent testing according to the ISO 9002 Quality System during the entire production cycle and are issued a "Certificate of Quality and Conformity" which guarantees that the final product conforms with all the characteristics and specifications requested by the customer.


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